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Fruit Trifle

Dunrobin Valley Fruit Trifle Dunrobin Valley Fruit Trifle

Ingredients (serves 6)

4 Trifle Sponges

350g Frozen Raspberries (defrosted)

35g Custard Powder

35g Sugar

500ml Semi Skimmed Milk

To decorate

300ml Half Fat Crème Fraiche


1. Place the sponge in bottom of individual or a suitable serving dish.

2. Place fruit with juice on top.

3. Blend custard powder and sugar with a little milk to form a paste. Heat remaining milk in a saucepan, when almost boiling gently stir in custard paste and cook till custard thickens.

4. Allow custard to cool, and then pour over fruit and sponge mixture.

5. Top with crème fraiche.

6. Refrigerate till ready to serve.

  • Experiment with a range of tinned or frozen fruit
  • For a special occasion 2 Tablsp sherry may be added at Stage 2
  • This dish is high in fat due to the custard and crème fraiche, enjoy on special

A 216.66g serving contains:

  • Energy 1029kJ 246kcal 12%
  • Fat 13gMed18%
  • Saturates 6.8gHigh34%
  • Sugar 18gMed20%
  • Salt 0.31gLow5%

of an adults reference intake.

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