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Vegetable and Nut Platter to Share

Dunrobin Valley Vegetable and Nut Platter Dunrobin Valley Vegetable and Nut Platter

Ingredients (serves 4)


125g Cream Cheese

2 Dessertsp Low Fat Natural Yogurt

2 Cloves of Garlic (peeled and chopped)

1 Tablsp Fresh Coriander, Parsley or Chives

For the Vegetable Crudities

12 Cherry Tomatoes (washed)

1 Small Cucumber/green pepper (washed

and cut into strips)

1 Yellow Pepper (washed and cut into strips)

2 Carrots (peeled and sliced into sticks)

2 Celery Sticks (washed and cut into strips)

85g Unsalted or Mixed Nuts


1. Mix together dip ingredients. Place in a small serving bowl.

2. Arrange vegetables on a plate and serve with dip and nuts.

  • A great healthy choice for a party
  • The colours will appeal to children and often they prefer raw vegetables
  • Experiment with alternative vegetables e.g. spring onions, radishes, mangetout, babycorn, mushrooms etc.
  • Try including seasonal fruit e.g. strawberries, sliced apple etc.

A 229.25g serving contains:

  • Energy 982kJ 236kcal 6%
  • Fat 15gMed21%
  • Saturates 3.5gLow18%
  • Sugar 7.7gLow9%
  • Salt 0.62gLow10%

of an adults reference intake.

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