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REHIS Eating Well for Older People Course

The Eating Well for Older People Course will provide participants with the knowledge and appreciation of the importance of nutrition and health for older people and how to support them to eat well.


The expected outcome is that the course participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the needs and expectations of other course participants

  • Identify their current levels of knowledge and confidence when supporting an older person to eat well

Course Syllabus


  1. Eating for Health and Wellbeing (Gain an awareness of the impact of diet on health; Understand the main principles of a healthy diet)

  2. Nutritional and health needs for older people (Appreciate the value of older people eating well; Be aware of the nutritional needs of older people; Understand the meaning and impact of malnutrition; Be aware of the causes and health risks of undernutrition; Recognise the importance of identifying undernutrition and how it can be prevented; Be aware of the causes and health risks of overnutrition; Identify ways to support someone to eat a more balanced diet; Recognise the importance of an adequate fluid intake and how to identify and prevent dehydration)

  3. Supporting Older People to Eat Well (Have a good understanding of the different ways they can support an older person to eat well; Be aware of how to access resources and additional advice and support at a local and national level)


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