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REHIS Elementary Cooking Skills 

The aim of the REHIS Elementary Cooking Skills course is to provide participants with basic cooking skills that increases confidence, skills and knowledge. 


The expected outcome is that the course participant will be able to:

  • Appreciate the needs and expectations of other course participants

  • Identify their current level of skills and confidence when preparing and cooking foods

Course Syllabus


  1. Using Safe and Hygienic Practices (Demonstrate the importance of personal hygiene; Demonstrate the importance of food safety during food preparation, cooking and storage; Demonstrate the safe use of equipment)

  2. Understanding and following a recipe (Follow written, oral and/or pictorial recipes/instructions; Demonstrate an understanding of the correct procedure when following a recipe; Show an understanding of cooking times and temperatures; Utilise and adapt available ingredients or recipe to make a dish/meal; Understand common weighing and measuring terms)

  3. Food Preparation Techniques (Demonstrate basic food preparation techniques; Demonstrate the safe and appropriate use of equipment)

  4. Cooking methods and food presentation (Understand basic cookery terms; Demonstrate a range of basic cooking methods; Show an awareness of serving and presentation options; Demonstrate the concept of a balanced meal; Appreciate different textures and tastes; 6Produce food that is cooked to an acceptable standard; Increase their confidence when tasting prepared foods and/or eating with others)

  5. Putting It All Together (Be able to put their knowledge of practical food skills into practice in a variety of settings)

  6.  Assessment (Tutor checklist; Visual and oral assessment by tutor)


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