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REHIS Elementary Food & Health Course (Nutrition)

The Food and Health course is available at Introduction and Elementary Level. Food and Health provides up to date nutritional and health information that would be of use to anyone working with, or interested in food and health. This could include staff, volunteers and service users from health and social care catering outlets, education, early years, community groups, community education, care homes and the leisure and hospitality industry.


The expected outcome is that the course participant will be able to:

  •  Appreciate the needs and expectations of other participants

  •  Identify their current understanding of the relationship between food and health

Course Syllabus


  1.  An introduction of Food and Health (Appreciate the value of having a balanced diet; Consider the barriers to eating a healthy diet; Explore their views on the consequences of eating habits on health; Think about the influence on food choices in the completed Food Diary Forms)

  2.  The Function of Food (Understand the role of Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat and Fibre; Understand the implications of fluid and alcohol intake; Understand the role of vitamins; Understand the role of minerals and trace elements)

  3.  Energy Measures and Influences on Food Intake (Understand energy balance and its influence on body weight; Understand that different people have different needs for energy; Appreciate the influence of gender and age on energy balance; Recognise that certain groups have specific nutritional needs; Recognise that food has a role in obesity and malnutrition; Consider the role of food in long term conditions; Appreciate the influences of life circumstances on dietary habit; Have a good understanding of food and psychological wellbeing, social relationships and self-esteem)

  4.  Eating for Health- Food and Well-Being (Be able to use the ‘Eatwell guide’ as a tool to guide and evaluate food choices; Be able to use the ‘Eatwell guide’ to review the completed food diary forms; Identify different ways of preparing and cooking foods for a healthy diet; Identify and assess the nutritional information on a food label; Recognise the role that a balanced diet has to play on the prevention of long term conditions)

  5.  Putting It All Together-Action Planning (Have a good understanding of the various food policies and initiatives/projects in Scotland; Be able to use their knowledge of food and health to work through and improve the food in a variety of setting) 6. Revision and Exam (Short multiple choice paper)

  6. Revision and Exam (Short multiple choice paper)


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