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Evaluation of Confidence 2 Cook Classes



Confidence to Cook Evaluation: 


There will be an expectation that you will undertake pre and post course evaluation as part of your rols as a Confidence 2 Cook Trainer.


Why Evaluate Your Cooking Sessions?

  •  Make sure what you're doing is working 
  •  Capturing the numbers 
  •  Ensure you're targeting appropriately - right people/skills 
  •  Time for reflection 
  •  Funding Reports 
  •  Making sure your recipes work/appropriate resources to meet the needs of the people you're working with 
  •  Utilising different methods of delivery for different people 
  •  Make sure people are having fun/session are relaxed and pitched at the right level
  •  Is the venue suitable/equipement appropriate/ do the timings suit 
  • Learning from the experience - flexible approach / adapting as you go 
  • Building your own resilience as facilitators - self evaluation 
  • Measuring the difference the session has made - participants journey - follow up if at all possible 

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